Services for C-suites and senior management to align social purpose with operational and brand purposes.


Create stand-alone events, large and small, that engage internal and external brand communities.


Employee and consumer campaigns that integrate global territories with local goals and partners.


Leverage your sponsorship portfolio by adding purposeful activations that create real purposeful experiences.


Bring social impact to meetings - both onsite and off- so that your actions speak as loudly as your words.


Integrate into your tracking systems and calculate the real social impact of your programs and actions.

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Social purpose isn’t some secret any more, but strategic alignment can make or break enterprise-wide efforts.

  • Concept Development across departments

  • Role and Rationale Analysis

  • Roadmap Development

  • Community Partnership Strategy and Activation

  • Leadership Alignment Workshops

  • Work across agency teams

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Multi-faceted plans and programs that cross borders, departments and causes in a way that tells a singular message around empowerment, action and local impact. Campaigns can be designed for employees, channel partners, customers and consumers.

  • Internal stakeholder communications

  • Global Days and Weeks of Service

  • Cross-over programs for employees to join with customers

  • Connected series of events and platforms

  • Customized events and platforms

Campaigns in motion:

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Turnkey social impact solutions can seamlessly integrate into any meeting or event. With a real focus on your enterprise-wide community engagement goals, meeting strategy and attendee engagement needs, we design and deploy programs that deliver real impact. We impact your organization, attendees and the community whether its for 30 or 30,000 attendees anywhere in the world.

  • Non-Profit sourcing and managing

  • Staffing and supplies as needed

  • Post event delivery and fulfillment to local NGOs

  • Post event Impact Reporting

Meetings in motion:

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Events and experiences are the secret weapon of social impact. People of all stripes need to feel the impact and the only way to do it is to get face-to-face and roll up your sleeves. Consumers and employees both love the brands that give them the opportunity to make the wold better.

  • Turnkey execution anywhere in the world

  • Non-profit partner management

  • All logistics, supplies and staffing

  • Recruitment strategy and execution

  • Full Impact Reports

Events in motion:

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Sometimes you don’t need a whole new event. Making your existing assets work harder for your purpose agenda is powerful leverage. We work with agencies of all stripes to integrate seamlessly yet stand out to consumers and employees.

  • Incorporate employee engagement into sponsorships

  • Create exclusive purpose-only assets and access

  • Use your cultural assets of music, sports and arts to do good

  • Create new activations around initiatives and sponsorships

  • Connect marketing initiatives to enterprise-wide efforts

Some Activations in motion:

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You can count hours along with real impact if it is set up correctly. We can bring the latest measurement theories and practices to bear and make sure you are actually measuring the things that count!

  • Platform integration

  • Creating new metrics and benchmarking

  • Social Capital Creation

  • Internal and external measures

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