differentiation and loyalty

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Optus, a leading telecommunications company in Australia, needed to reconnect and better engage with 18- to 24-year-olds throughout the country.


We created a customized message through a RockCorps event around social impact and music to mobilize current and future customers to engage in community and celebrate with the brand and their favorite artists.  After three years, we engaged nearly 15,000 youth in four cities.  Further, we worked with existing agencies to both recruit and amplify the program on both traditional and digital media reaching 8mm people overall.


  • Helped re-establish Optus as the No. 1 brand choice for 16- to 24-year-olds

  • Social media engagements 7x higher than average with digital returning 260% above benchmark

  • Optus NPS jumped by 12 points

  • Consideration doubled for those who were aware of, but did not participate, in the program

“The combination of powerful experiences and music provides Optus with a unique position to present the very heart and soul of who we are and why we exist.” — Marketing Director, Optus