Now's the Time to Plan Your Holiday CSR Program


With summer ending, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to integrate a corporate social responsibility program into your upcoming holiday parties. By beginning the planning process now, your organization will be able to create a meaningful impact on the community. You'll also be able to find the perfect nonprofit partner. 

To get started: 

Do your research: If you haven’t engaged in social impact work before, consider setting up a time for stakeholders to discuss the causes that matter to them and align with the company’s values.

Choose a project that fits your team: There are many programs available during the holiday season, regardless of who you’d like to assist. In the past, Give To Get has designed programs where volunteers filled care packages for active military members, sorted food bank donations, or adopted a local homeless youth shelter to ensure residents received gifts and festive meals. 

Invite employee participation: Plan on sending an invite in advance that will allow teams and individuals to make accommodations to attend the event, if needed.

Decide if your company will make an additional donation: In addition to volunteering for a nonprofit, some organizations make a monetary donation. This can be made on behalf of your clients or customers.  

Host the event: For small programs, the nonprofit’s volunteer coordinator and a member of your corporate social responsibility team may be able to organize, plan, and host the event. However, if there are a large number of participants, you may want to consider hiring an outside vendor, like Give To Get, to help streamline your event.

Make giving a tradition: Corporate social responsibility programs can boost employees’ morale. A seasonal event is just one way to get involved. However, by beginning discussions around CSR now, it's possible to add other employee programs — like “Dollars for Doers” or Time Off for Volunteering — that can be announced during the holiday season. 

CSRGrady Lee