How to Plan CSR Events for Your 2019 Meetings


Planning meetings and events can take months — from finding the perfect location to making food and beverage selections. 

In the past, once you’ve settled on a destination and property or event space, you have lots of resources at your disposal to assist you in the planning of your event, except when it came to implementing an meaningful social impact program. This used to take up a disproportionate amount of your time and energy — until now. 

Give To Get offers turnkey solutions for meeting and event planners who want to add a social impact program to their agenda. 

Regardless of whether your group wants to complete a program as part of an opening cocktail hour, over meal times, or as a standalone agenda item, Give To Get has a solution that fits your needs.

We can host the event at the conference center, which is the most common choice among meeting and event planners. We can also take your group offsite.

We work with a variety of nonprofits that support each of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. This gives us the flexibility to plan events that support causes are important to you including the environment, education, hunger, poverty, and many others. 

In the past, adding a social impact program to one's meetings would be a major undertaking. It can be a struggle to find a nonprofit partner, especially given that many nonprofits are understaffed and lacking in resources.

Unless they already have a history of working with corporations, it can be hard for them to design and facilitate an event for a large group.

They may also have a hard time finding a creative program to complete when they are working with individuals away from their primary location — whether that's the nonprofit office or another location. 

Thanks to the Give To Get team's years of experience, however, we've found ways to assist organizations far from their home bases.

Nonprofits like parks, which normally host cleanups, may not consider asking volunteers to build nesting boxes for wildlife. Animal shelters, which normally ask volunteers to walk dogs, can benefit from volunteer-made blankets and beds. This creative approach means your attendees will always have a great experience.

CSRGrady Lee