Hosting a Memorable Earth Day Experience!


Each year, Give To Get designs, plans, and executes events of all shapes and sizes to benefit the environment. From beach cleanups to planting flora in local parks, we can find ways to assist your local community.

Although Earth Day is quickly approaching — it's on Monday, April 22 — there’s still time to put together an employee volunteer event that will give you and your colleagues a chance to get outdoors.

So, how do our environmental programs work? 

First, we identify a park, beach, or other land area and its associated nonprofit partner. Yes, we could plant trees throughout your office's campus; but for many employees, being able to contribute to a nonprofit that already has a mission — and lengthy history of giving — can be inspiring. 

Next, we choose the type of work that's needed. Removal of trash and invasive species is needed everywhere we go! However, we like to find other ways to contribute as well. This may include building teaching gardens or planting flowers. Playgrounds in large parks may need to be updated and pavilions often need a fresh coat of paint. 

However, we also understand that not all volunteers want to (or physically can), spend the day spreading mulch. In these instances, we build in low-impact projects that don't cause the same wear and tear on one's joints — like assembling nesting boxes or, if there's a nature center at the park,  preparing  materials needed for upcoming family and children's programs. 

We also provide a wide range of projects for clients to choose from because they know the potential volunteers best.

Some of volunteers find the accomplishment from raking leaves and spreading mulch amazing - it's such an easy fix to see. Some, prefer to build items that can be left behind like picnic tables, nesting boxes, or benches. Still others like to do work that benefits multiple groups such as adding to playgrounds or teaching gardens.

Regardless of the way your group chooses to give back, we ensure that you will make a meaningful, long-lasting impact on your community.

To learn more about how to schedule an event, please contact us!