Avolon's CSR Program Assists Thousands of Miles from HQ


Avolon, a leading global aircraft leasing firm that has corporate social responsibility woven into its DNA, is headquartered in Ireland. 

Each year, the company hosts numerous programs for its employees to give back to their communities including the annual Care Day. However, corporate service days, the organization found, can be hard to organize when offices are spread around the globe. 

Between time zone differences, various community needs, and other issues, experiences that resonate well in one region can fall flat in others.

How can three offices and unique teams which are thousands of miles apart unite to do meaningful work that leaves a lasting impact on their community?

This is where Give To Get can help! We design and execute corporate service events around the world. 

The Care Day team members had a vision to create a full-day program for 27 employees who are passionate about education and instilling a love of STEM, especially theories related to aeronautics, in children. 

To meet their demands, we created a program with the Nan Knox Unit of the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County, which serves 230 children during the weekday summer program and more than 450 member children throughout the year. 

As a bonus, the Nan Knox Unit of the Boys & Girls Club is also the only club in the country with an avionics program.

Throughout the day, Avolon volunteers improved the outdoor education area, main entrance, and outdoor recreation area. They laid mulch, built garden vegetable boxes, constructed and installed new signage, cleaned and organized the woodshop, and donated and installed three new computers. Volunteers also created a new outdoor classroom through building and staining six new picnic tables and re-furbishing outdoor benches.

The program also provided an opportunity for employees to get to know the children who would benefit from their volunteer efforts. 

The employees taught 20 children from the club how to plant and care for the vegetables in the new garden boxes. Each employee volunteer also worked with a child, ranging in age from 5-15 years old, to build a model airplane, as part of the children’s avionics lesson for the day . 

The club’s directors couldn’t have been happier. More importantly, the children of the club will have a lasting memory and an even better place to learn and grow. 

“The improvements they made not only made a lasting impression on the kids, but more importantly, will make a meaningful impact on their club experience,” said Lisa Devine, Resource Director and Volunteer Manager of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County. “It is groups like Avolon who contribute to the success of our members through their commitment and dedication to community service.” 

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